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Unfortunately, there have been a few problems with implementing Obama Care. Do not let these small problems keep you from applying when the next window opens for applications. The official site has had technical and formatting access problems that prevented consumers from logging in properly. And once logged in to the site, the client may be suddenly bumped off of the site. At that time some or all of their input would be lost. Obama Care site monitors and technological monitors have fixed those particular situations and problems.

There was also another glitch reported with the Obama Care application system. It seems that when it came to the program identification of those eligible for Medicaid or other government subsidies things were not 100% effective. The program was not recognizing and identifying all of the people who are really eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Obama Care administrators have also fixed this issue. In addition to the remedy, there is a hot line noted at each site where one can call for assistance. Also, remember you can walk into a recognized facility and get assistance and one-on-one help.

Insurance providers have reported in the past the problem of inaccurate addresses, duplicates, or incorrect data being processed. This program is known as an “834 transmission” error. Assurance has been made that this problem has too been fixed. It is important to remember the scope and magnitude of this plan. Anything this large may have small bulls that need to be fixed. While problems do exist, note that every effort is being made to correct these issues. The goal of insuring that every American has insurance must be met, so the process of applying and such is being modified daily for ease in usage. As of late, no technical or processing problems have been in the news or have been reporting concerning the site.