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Before you begin to apply for Obama Care, make sure to check all plans and prices available in your specific regions. Once you have done your homework, then you can begin the application process. If you have a computer, you will want to start by checking out the online resources.

1. Create an account at your state marketplace site, apply in person at your local office, or call 1-800-318-2596
2. Complete the application for Obama Care (either online or in person)
3. Pick a plan
4. Enroll in the plan
5. Contact your insurer and make arrangements to pay your first premium
As you are thinking about applying consider such factors as checkups, the need for operations and procedures, emergency care, prescription drugs, preventive care, and ongoing medical issues. Also consider monthly premiums, out of pocket expenses, types of insurance, providers of insurance, and benefits of different insurance plans.

Here are the percentages of health care costs you pay for each type of plan:

Bronze plan: 40%
Silver plan: 30%
Gold plan: 20%
Platinum plan: 10% of your healthcare costs.