Affordable Care ActThe actual cost of the premiums you will pay will depend on the city you reside, the plan type, as well as income. On the high states such as California, New York, and Vermont will have premiums as high as $400 per month (for single individual). On the Lower end you will have states with cost close to $100 per month. (for a single individual) The Subsidies you may qualify for will depend on the your income, and premium cap. See chart for a more detail breakdown based on Patient Protection and affordabel Care Act.

The price of Obama Care for most people will be approximately 3 % to 9.5% of their total earned income. Monetary assistance will be given to low to middle income Americans who buy on the health insurance marketplace. There is an onsite calculator to help determine that amount.

During the first enrollment window, it was estimated that the average cost was approximately $82.00 per premium payment. That cost would vary due to personal variables, income, and amount of members in the family. Each marketplace has a chat representative and each storefront has an assister to help you find out what your cost of insurance would be. Subsidies on the marketplace will lower a person’s out of pocket expenses for premiums.

Collected data after the first enrollment period indicated that the marketplace coverage gave a savings of approximately $50.00 to $ 100.00 per enrollee. The data also reflects that any policy that costs 9 % or less of your income is considered to be affordable insurance. You can see that the plans are quite affordable. Remember, the goal is for every United States citizen to have coverage by 2016.