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There have been many studies on the outcome and impact of Obama Care on the small businessman and his business. It appears from the evidence gained and then studied from the first enrollment period that there are positive as well as negative impacts on small businesses.

A small business owner needs to be fully aware of all of his or her obligations concerting this matter. Not knowing about the rules and regulations is not an excuse. The goal is for all small businesses (50 people plus) to have the coverage by the year 2016.

It is important that the small businessman looks at this coverage as a positive thing, not a bad situation. Having healthy employees is beneficial to the proper running of any successful business.

Positive Impact

A positive impact of Obama Care on a small businessman is that he or she can get tax credits for up to 50% of his or her hires health insurance premium payment total. READ MORE

Negative Impact

A small businessman that has over 5o employees working at full-time hours will be required to offer health coverage starting in 2015. It has been rumors that some offices have cut staff to stay under the number 50. READ MORE