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The cost of the plan will depend on the plan you chose for you and your family. A break down of the plans is:

1.Bronze Plans: Split Covered Costs 60/40
Bronze plans are the cheapest plans offered because insurers pay only 60 % of a your covered health care costs, and the policy owner must provide the other 40 % of the payment. A health care plan with 60% actuarial value gives to you 60% of your out-of-pocket health expenses. Bronze health plans provide the most elementary benefits and most limited network providers of hospitals, care centers, and physicians. The Bronze option is a nice selection for people who don’t plan on using many medical services. Americans in the low-income bracket may qualify for free or very inexpensive Bronze plans, but the out-of-pocket expenses should be pondered, as out-of-pocket expense aid can be markedly more a slightly higher monthly charge on “the marketplace standard” Sliver plan.

2. Silver Plans: Split Covered Costs 70/30
All the other standards for marketplace plans are actually based on the Silver plan option. This means premium maximums are based on the cost of Silver plans. A sliver plan isn’t allowed to be more than 9.5% of your income if you make less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. The less money that you earn, the lower your individual premium cap will be. A sliver level plan is a great alternative for people who use a small amount of health services but don’t have any serious health issues.

3. Gold Plans: Split Covered Costs 80/20
The Gold plan is more expensive than the Silver plan but the holds lower deductibles and better out-of-pocket cost sharing coverage for the consumer. Families wont need to stress about health care coverage costs keeping them from getting the essential medical care they need.

4.Platinum Plans: Split Covered Costs 90/10
Platinum plans offer the lowest out-of-pocket expenses and the highest monthly health care payment premiums. Platinum is a fine choice for those who desire the best care their family and them and is a wise selection for sick people or those who have dependents who often use health services. If you want a Platinum plan, if your premium is capped you’ll have to pay more to make up the difference between the two.