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Medicare is not a component of the Obama marketplace platform. Seniors are important, and therefore there are programs designed to give coverage to seniors. They certainly are not left out of the health care plans. Please do not think you are losing any coverage due to the Obama Care health plan program either. Cuts were not made in the divisions of senior health care coverage. .

If you are satisfied with your Medicare or any other existing health care program, you can certainly remain a participant of that health care program. The idea is not to take any coverage way from anyone. You do not have to replace your coverage from Medicare with a State run and maintained health care marketplace plan.

You will still get your Medicare and will not have to make any changes. It is against the law for an insurance business to try to sell or to actually sell you a marketplace plan if you have either Part A or Part B of Medicaid health care plan. If you need supplemental coverage, look to the Medigap to cover the gap. Information can be found at “”>. Always be very familiar with your health care plan, components, rights, requirements, dates, and obligations.