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The goal is for ultimately, by 2016, all American citizens to have health care coverage. It is important to the well being of American citizens to be covered. The plans are designed for the people. If you do not have insurance coverage in 2014, you may have to pay a fee. The reason there is a fee is to encourage everyone to become a member of a heart care plan. The government is not out to get anyone, but instead wishes to try to get every single American citizen to have health care insurance coverage including the ten essential parts of basic plans. Of course, you would also have to pay for all of your health care expenses out-of-pocket. The fee can be calculated in two ways, with the higher figure being the fee:

1. A fee of 1% of your yearly household income will be levied (only the amount of income above the tax filing threshold, $10,150 for an individual, is used to calculate the penalty.) The maximum penalty is the national average premium for a bronze plan.

2. A fee charged at $95.00 per individual for the year ($47.50 per child under 18). The maximum penalty per family using this fee estimation method is $285.