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Marketplace by State

You can enroll in a Marketplace or exchange via online or at the actual storefront. At each state site you will find the unique benefits, the network providers, the important contact information, as well as a calculator used to help you gauge what your costs might be for coverage. People who apply through the marketplace may qualify for tax credits or possibly out-of-pocket savings. READ MORE

Open Enrollment for Obama Care

Each year there will be designated enrollment periods determined and posted by the government at the various sites. The 2014 period  was re-opened on Nov 15. (the previous deadline was March 31st. ) The current period will remain open through February 15, 2015. READ MORE

Marketplace Goal

The goal of each marketplace is to give the basic essential care to those who are under-insured or have no insurance. That number topped 45 million in 2013. Basics need must be met in this country. READ MORE

Obama Care 2015

There will be a few changes for the Obama Care 2015. As of 2015 American smokers will have to pay up to 50% more than non-smokers for the exact same health plans. Subsidies are estimated prior to the tobacco surcharge. The bottom line is that some smokers may find their affordable insurance not so affordable. READ MORE