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Each year there will be designated open enrollment periods determined and posted by the government at the various sites. The last open enrollment period began on Nov 15, 2014 period and ran through Feb 15, 2015. Every year the times will be designated and posted well in advance. There will always be an open window for emergency situations such as loss of insurance due to job loss. You can still search and apply for plans to avoid the penalty. Click here – for a Free Health Quote.

Marketplace by State

You can enroll in a Marketplace or exchange via online or at the actual storefront. At each state site you will find the unique benefits, the network providers, the important contact information, as well as a calculator used to help you gauge what your costs might be for coverage. People who apply through the marketplace may qualify for tax credits or possibly out-of-pocket savings. READ MORE

The official ObamaCare enrollment period Ended on Feb 15, 2015. Important Notice: Its urgent, to avoid future fines and penalties, to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act.

Individuals & Families: Find the most Cost Efficient Health Insurance for you.

Obama Care Benefits

All offered plans must have ten identified essential benefits. All plans sold in individual and small group arenas, including those sold off and on the state marketplaces, and government plans like Medicare and Medicaid hold the ten essential benefits. READ MORE

Obama Care Difficulties

Unfortunately, there have been a few problems with implementing Obama Care. The official site has had technical and formatting access problems that prevented consumers from logging in properly.READ MORE

How to Sign up for Obama Care

You can sign up for Obama Care online at your state’s individual marketplace site. If you do not have access to a computer, you may call at (877) 959-4210 or visit a marketplace office. READ MORE

How to Apply for Obama Care

Before you begin to apply for Obama Care during the open enrollment period, make sure to check all plans and prices available in your specific regions. Once you have done your homework, then you can begin the application process. READ MORE


It is important to read all of the rules on eligibility for the marketplace. You may find you meet criteria for some benefits or subsidies, but not all of them. Gather all of you documents and data prior to beginning the process. READ MORE

Deadline to Apply

The first deadline for Obama Care has passed. The period was considered a great success and the plan looks very promising.The Next open enrollment for Obama Care applications for health care coverage will again open back up on November 15, 2014. READ MORE


The price of Obama Care for most people will be approximately 3 % to 9.5% of their total earned income. Monetary assistance will be given to low to middle income Americans who buy on the health insurance marketplace. There is an onsite calculator to help determine that amount. READ MORE

Impact on Small Business

There have been many studies on the outcome and impact of Obama Care on the small businessman and his business. It appears from the evidence gained and then studied from the first enrollment period that there are positive as well as negative impacts on small businesses. READ MORE

To speak with a representative directly, call (877) 959-4210

(Operators available 9am-9pm EST)