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There will be a few changes for the Obama Care 2015. As of 2015 American smokers will have to pay up to 50% more than non-smokers for the exact same health plans. Subsidies are estimated prior to the tobacco surcharge. The bottom line is that some smokers may find their affordable insurance not so affordable.

Additionally in 2015, some say the soaring cost of premiums is projected to slow down some, while others say the increases will be extreme. The government is stating that the average cost of coverage per an individual is still expected to be around the $ 82.00 benchmark set in 2014.

Proposal by Families USA

Families USA is an advocate group adamant about protecting health care consumers. They do not support the cutting of such programs as Medicaid or Medicare to reduce the federal spending amount. Their stand is that this elimination would hurt the vulnerable in American Society. Their site provides facts to support their argument. READ MORE