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As you consider Obama Care. Keep these ten facts in mind to help you understand the plan thoroughly.

1. All state marketplace coverage, most major medical coverage sold outside of the marketplace, Medicare, Medicaid, employer based coverage, and more are considered basic essential coverage.
2. Obama Care requires you to get and keep major medical coverage throughout the entire year, be penalized for not having it, apply for and obtain an exemption if necessary, or pay a fee for every month you do not have insurance.
3. You can use your state’s marketplace to sign up and enroll into a plan if you are able to qualify for Medicare or you can obtain insurance through an employer, you can use your state marketplace to sign up and enroll in a plan. If you don’t know what your states marketplace is, visit
4. Unless you can qualify for a special exemption, such as pregnancy, or the state otherwise states an exception, you can only enroll for the marketplace plans during the enrollment period.
5. By using the marketplace you’ll find out if you qualify for many cost aids and assistances.
6. 365 days a year you can enroll in Medicaid and CHIP.
7. One can purchase an insurance plan outside of the marketplace network, many insurers work with and will help to enroll you in a marketplace plan if you qualify for cost assistance during the open enrollment window. Private insurance health care plans must be purchased during the annual open enrollment windows as all insurer providers use the marketplace open enrollment time frame.
8. The majority of the time, once you chose a plan, you will have a plan for the entire time up to the next open enrollment window opens. Carefully select a health care plan that satisfies your needs and criteria.
9. All plans will provide most basic essentials like an annual checkup, immunizations, preventive tests, and more are always covered with no out-of-pocket costs. All major medical plans are required to be sold to you regardless of your current health conditions. You can never hit a ceiling for the essential care and no one can refuse you due to your age, gender or race.
10. As of 2016, employers with more than 50 employees muse cover your health care.